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Call Us Today
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Same Day Dentures

Dentures in One Day

The first appointment for your same day dentures with Dr. Harper begins between 8:00 and 9:15 a.m. During this appointment impressions are made of your teeth and gums. A bite impression will also be taken and the tooth shade selected. 
50% down payment is due at this time. 
Several hours later, the dentures will be ready to try on. Dr. Harper will then check the fit and appearance of the wax denture in your mouth (If you need extractions for immediate dentures, the extractions will be done that same day) 
When the wax set of dentures is fitted we will set the appointment to fit the actual dentures that same day! 

100% payment is due at this time. 
Dr. Harper will adjust the new dentures and align for comfort and fit before you leave. Your Same Day Dentures will begin to form to the shape of your mouth and there will sensitive areas that might need additional attention or adjusting. There is not a charge for adjustments. 
Sometimes your gums will shrink because the dentures were fitted so soon after your teeth were extracted. If your dentures should no longer fit then your dentures will be realigned, which means added acrylic is applied to the inside of your denture to tighten the fit.

Fees can be applied for realigns.

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